Idle Autumn (26 tracks)

by Bloomshock

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This is going to be my last real album for some time.


released February 26, 2014

Me: vocals, guitars, bass, drums, percussion



all rights reserved


Bloomshock Mount Laurel, New Jersey

this is my old home
hello whirled is my new home

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Track Name: Clueless
Clueless as anyone before me
Stands in lines before me
Before me, I was nothing
Before you, you were too

Tools of a lightbox, knowing everything
Spitfire demons who know nothing about everything

No chances to fall out of your car
No time to cover up your affair
When Man wakes up and scratches the light
Poof goes the sun upstairs

You're too clueless for me
Track Name: Playing Love
Every day I'm playing love
A tennis match that never advances

Juggling life and sex on a tightrope
A bed of nails I sleep on, better than the dope
Playing a game of love that bites for no continues
Just a choice you made ago

Every day you're on the slip
Wasted and confused, flaming hot but not attentive
Track Name: Defecate The Press
Seize the day with expirations of bloody ghosts and torture in pure black
Warding off the hordes of stalkers into a locked closet in the back
Strangers, lowlives with cameras haunting you with every unguarded step
Nothing else prepares you for the worst night of your life

Servitude and broken hearts aren't ill-invited but don't allow the press to take advantage of your faults
Rearrange the situation to recapture the mic, howling hyenas surround you when you say good night
Ovulating priestesses or so they say, trip over the glassware to save the day
Most wanted, dead or alive, they don't care
A wonderland of bullshit
Glad you weren't there
Track Name: Dead
A craggy hotel
Crusty and misshapen
The owner may have been fucked up
But I think she was just Dutch
Whores in the bathroom
Smoking weed in the sink
A dank atmosphere where you can't take a leak

I'd rather be dead than here
I'd rather be fucked up than be bullshitting lies to
These otherwise attractive 420 sluts
I just wanna listen to my seBADoh deep cuts

Dusted, but not quite
Tommy, it's not that tight
I think there's moaning coming from the pool
Children fucking everywhere
Hippies pissing in their hair
Rednecks handing out beers to bears
My god they're breeding everywhere

Please get me out of here
I'm not one to complain but this hole would drive anyone insane
Maybe I'm not high enough
But I think I'm gonna die here anyway
Track Name: Search Terms & Air Conditions
Search terms and air conditions
Reach forward and grab the hand that gives
Search terms and mental conditions
Zero files on the hand which lives

Search terms and air conditions
Reach forward and singlefile the saves
Search terms and mental conditions
Zero files on the hand which laves
Track Name: Pillowcase
In an hour, you'll hit the sweet spot
Roll over and go
Back to sleep
No excuse from hiding from it
Grab your pillowcase and fall
Back to sleep

Where the itch scratches, you've gotta fight back harder
Climb the ladder, hit the fag-haters, gently place them in the larder

In a day, you'll notice it
Your dreams are no longer in your head
A wide-eyed model of stone awaits you
Maybe you could have laid off all the drugs instead

You're my pillowcase
But you need to wake up or I'll find someone to replace you
Track Name: Trials Of A Mental Patient
Two worlds take me as theirs
Locked in a ward, ruling a kingdom
There, I take all, and all for free
Here, nobody gives a fuck about me
Pissed but joyful
Understanding but bewildered
Two worlds take me as theirs
I may as well just kill myself
Track Name: Blood And Joy
Existence is everybody's goal
Blood and joy are just the side effects
Lunatics and evangelists that fry your trust
Or the whores that monetarily fill your lust

Go away, I need to think
I request time with an alien unless it's a drink
Speaking in non-coherent speech
Tapping the signals, grasping a leash

Blood and joy are everything we love
Don't want someone to take it away
Track Name: Asslighting Gabby
Natural whore, an attractive liability
Through the light of another smoke, all can see
Another insecure lush with too much blush on her mind
Tagging along with the bats who keep flying behind

The jet that pleads to kill them all
Plow the bitch down, winner takes all
Hair pinned up, striptease and all
Is she even aware that her friends don't like her at all?

Filled with plastic, wrecked liver and tar
Where her life is heading, it doesn't stop far
The fire of her burning insides coming out
One last thing for the forsaken tchotchke to bitch about
Track Name: Miss Reaper
4-car pileup on the trans-universal freeway
A quiet woman, cloaked in black, smoking time
Greeting her paycheck with another kiss of death
Feathered to the point of no returning ever

Feath walks on two legs
And she buys her clothes at Kohl's
Nobody trusts her, but all of them love her
Making hearts out of cigarette burnholes
The Raven has taken, second form
Defying gravities and chloroform
Golden wraps and hornet's nests
Satan wishes only to die the best

Victims pile up in her basement
Paid off entirely, she lives alone for free
No adversaries or allies to disturb
In a modest town at dead center of the burbs

Keep your glory hole clean
As to avoid a visit from your friendly neighborhood reaper
Darling sleeper
Track Name: Idle Autumn
Idle weeps in fear and shame
All done playing life's useless game
Like snow, like ice, you're colder
Even when you're slightly sober

Idle autumn flies

Modeling and trying not to see
In an effort to break the family tree
Dumb luck gets you so far ahead
Until you're lying in an ocean of what you've bled

Idle autumn flies
Death's here in disguise
Charcoal butterflies
Fatal and confused to your demise

Fate will play the lead role in your play
In theatres of your mind, Saturday
Idle autumn flies away
Just like you did yesterday

Keep yourself awake
Track Name: Half Court
A wasted youth, crying and depressed
Staring at screens, hard to impress
A half court shot that means all to him
Ignoring the actions of nature's whim

Drenched and wretched and left to cry
This generation hopes not to die
This generation hopes not to kill
And breathe in a self-containted ill

A whining adolescence, paging by the numbers
Wide eyes staring, crossing off the slumbers
It's a bad idea when it doesn't go
Enlightened by engagement of hardcore blow

Drenched and wretched and left to lie
This generation deserves to die
This generation wakes up to kill
And spread its eerie self-contained ill

Commercials carry bullshit from coast to coast
Endearing is the next celebrity roast
To shame, I shall lead the toast
With empty glasses and not much for most
Track Name: Wave To The Fuzz!
?High all the time, I’ve been trying to sleep?
In the ocean where nothing crawls
Where I don’t exist at all
Track Name: Beauty Theory
What's it like to be alive
Walking all the time
Pastebin and you're set
The autumn years have settled
Taken #9
Waiting it out behind

What's it like to be dead
Sleeping through the day
You don't get no say
Your final weeks have come and gone
Forsaken and withdrawn
Track Name: Birds Of Connection
Rotating lifelines on an iron wheel
It's still impossible to tell you how I feel
Soft as a pillow, reciprocal of ice
This short time with you has felt so nice

Windy day, butterflies fly away
I'm standing, waving, too choked up to say
Goodbye, it's been fun
But when the party's over, what's done is done

I don't want to feel like I've wasted precious hours
You made me feel almost strong
I can only think about you, this planet sucks right now without you
If only I hadn't been away so long

Gears turn on the hourglass until we see each other
Hopefully we'll notice one another
Despite the changes we've all gone through
Nothing can affect the feeling of being complete that I had with you