Ghost Towns And Confession Stands (27 tracks)

by Bloomshock

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This is the third (or fourth) version of what started as something else. Most of the songs have stayed the entire time, plus some newcomers.


released May 15, 2014

Vocals, guitars, drums, percussion, bass, keyboards, drum machine



all rights reserved


Bloomshock Mount Laurel, New Jersey

this is my old home
hello whirled is my new home

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Track Name: Scarlet Daze
made a man of me a mile from home
don't make me cry here alone
with no signs or evidence
of the happy ghost that was her
take your wheels back to the apartment
I don't wanna see you again
until you drink yourself to bed
and cave into your tired head

diamond rust and platinum lust
I waited for her to show
but her dress got caught in an icy lot
and had to suck her way to blow
no questions asked, no secrets told
just two eyes of melting gold
the ice goddess since has closed the bar
and left the crowd with none to know

plain to see this misery
knee deep in blood and fantasy
a flicker, noise that keeps on humming
waiting outside the door while she is
sleeping, lonely, like a bird
who lost a wing pining for the fjords
in a scarlet daze of wishing wells
no guessing what that image sells

a fly on the wall, a statue on the shelf
why can't she keep her problems to herself?
it smells like fire, I'm gonna die
if she can't pick a reason, why should I?
but if a brand new habit's good for her
then I think we should let her sleep it off forever
Track Name: Glass Hands
sometimes it feels like I can't pick anything up
lost inside a spiral, opens up down
face it now, there's only so much left to do
but I don't really know when to stop

the terror of finding out you're useless
laboring for nothing in a handicapped balloon
rationally you're nothing to everyone
but me

sometimes I let go before I can stay
time and space sucked out of a balloon
the wheels are flat on the fast life road
knowing you can't walk back

the terrifying look in your eye
I don't really care enough to say goodbye
at least that's what I want you to believe
Track Name: Designs
I've had designs for quite a while
and I thought you'd need to know
that it turns me on when you simply smile
and the glint in your eyes makes me grow
so I hope you take this well
I don't mind to bring you hell
I hope you understand that it's all in good taste

it's tearing me apart, you see
and I can't even get shut-eye
it's a looming clump of misery
it's a love I amplify
but you never hear it, do you?
even though it's not so loud
hear me out, I'm trying to amuse
Track Name: Don't Want Attention
covergirls in showers washing off their appeal
in the end of the day, they're keeping it real
they still find it hard to justify their usual intentions
when it seems they're always trying to hide, from attention

what matters most is you're a ghost
who doesn't need to know what's at this time
a special someone lost in heartless love
affection for the one who slept too much
an ashtray for your funeral
too many hopeless mothers gone to shine

broken hearts, pink lemonade, a jewel in a sweet serenade
a lost hope beckoned for another chance
coated in a mystic urge
a tunnel to the skies
smoking her last cigarette, to hope she never dies

what matters now is you're somehow
still in the now, nobody really cares
a special cyanide for all the suicides committed in your name
a drink to the hardcore
wine for the encore
sleeping softly, dragging kiss and blowing ground
Track Name: Obvious Up (Second Opinion)
return from Obvious Up
take a quick drink from your golden cup
you breathe for greed, inhaling attention
awaiting the call to announce your dispension

cover your umbrella
you'll only need one eye to see tonight
don't pull on hope, it won't run through
give up, move on, I'm done with you
so keep up with the weather girl
who never rains on my world
a precious little fairy tale
it's doomed to die because you still think you're a toy

happily depressed, steaming hot mess
low resolutions for the broken press
leaking yellow and cyan, "no, it's fine"
but the black ink's running, lost hope crying

a second opinion from the doctor on the hill
he'll give you the truth because no one else will
it keeps you up, eclipsing night
an anthill of fallacies, zero right
there's a brand new sale on memory loss
drink yourself to sleep, maybe even emboss
your soul in a mattress, springs stand straight
the ashtray spills, now you can't concentrate

we see right through your blonde disguise
there's nothing here to hide, nothing we don't despise
don't pull on hope, it won't run through
give up, move on, I'm done with you
so rain on your personal parade
breaking down on your Bic, ruining your day
a precious little dragon lie
it's doomed to die because you forgot to say goodbye
Track Name: Road Forever
wasting moments by the opening of a hand
realizing there's no time to make a stand

keep us alive, but not for long
the bells are waiting for me
softly weeping by the arm
dreaming of a better time

grab another blanket
to wrap yourself to warmth
I may never see you again
but you'll always be in my better time

a runaway with no reason to live
the definition of a wildcard
a reason to be is not a reason to forgive

road forever
I would never cross that street
to believe you exist
says the virgin on top of that sign

dangling structures living for no one
you ache as well as your bones in the Sun
road forever, nothing's there
it's time to forget you were even there
Track Name: Damsel In Distress (I'm Not Your Hero)
damsel in distress
blonde hair, carnation pink dress
you look so innocent
I oughta save you
damsel in distress
you deserve the best
a man who will treat you equally
I want you to be happy, but that's not me

I'm not your hero
I'll let you die without a thought of "goodbye"
now hunt elsewhere for Prince Charming
there's someone out there who's a pretty neat guy

damsel in distress
had a rough night in town, ripped up your gown
no one's here to stitch it
because you won't do shit but bitch about it
I only have so much patience
and even that's not a lot
I hope you accept me as a friend
but if I kill you now, I can say I was there until the very end