Amherst (29 tracks)

by Bloomshock

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"Good stuff mate. Endearingly ramshackle." - Kirby M.
"This is really good." - Ultra Maroon Blazer


released February 12, 2015

My shortest album EVER, clocking in at just around 27 minutes. Topics of songs are more fictional characters, people I actually know and my relations with them, and not much else.

I still consider it a triumph.



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Bloomshock Mount Laurel, New Jersey

this is my old home
hello whirled is my new home

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Track Name: Valentine
on your way back down
find your footing, find your ground
come back being mine
hold me in sweet valentine
shallow minds may swim
buy a birthday on a whim
come back being mine
fold me in sweet valentine

on the wing, back down
pinned my shoulders, went around
lower as it goes
climb my shoulders, all he knows
is sometimes he's okay
and sometimes he can't bear to stay
stealing words and phrases
they don't like me, it's okay/they don't like my disarray
Track Name: Scared Illusion
never admit to your errors
they will come back to haunt you for saying so
leave me hanging for weeks on end
almost as if I didn't even know her
is it an illusion? if so, I'm scared
I didn't come to this discussion prepared
let me know when it's safe to climb
out of this corner, back into my mind

it frightens me that I thought like that
paranoid and angry, waiting for a sign
but this can't ever be again
dripping from the corner, out my mind
keep it short and keep it thin
don't wake the monster, now let's begin
a scared illusion or a cruel façade?
walk around the esplanade
Track Name: Glimmer
am I lost?
am I found?
am I falling off the mound?
rearranged to reinstate
picking up the date

but your wet dream scenarios glimmer brightly

have to wait
finish up
your work is done
writing home
lettered stone
hope I read it alone
Track Name: Eight Of Spades
I gave you the truth and you let me down
You told me not to worry about it
As I stare down everything I've found
I start to begin to doubt it

Did you ever get it off your head?
Staple over anime thoughts instead
I tried everything to make it go away
No matter what I do, it just stays longer

Thankfully, I've since moved on
Don't want to live my life in a storm cloud
Nine months wasted over something so small
I feel accomplished, but I don't feel proud

Did she ever get it off her head?
Staple over anime thoughts instead
As time ticks on, I won't regret
My unwillingness to forget
Or be stronger

Life is like a mirrored hall
You see nothing yet you see all
Thinking you're in false control
Falling down the mirrored hole
Track Name: Communicate
I almost lost the girl
but now I'm back on my feet
almost watched this sick remain
to face no defeat

but now I'm feeling better
feeling more than alive

I almost lost my feet
but since then I found
a place to stand on
a place to call my ground

but now I'm feeling better
we communicate without lies
Track Name: Western Limbo
western gone again
western gone again
hope for very many travels
lying down
fate planned on your side
faceplant on your side
riding down the slide
drink sweet cyanide

you can't change
your name
in vain
and it'll all go away
your friends and your enemies
your dreams and your nightmares

because no one really cares

about you
Track Name: On My Back
called me to forget so many little distant memories
I simply said "I don't remember that being me"

stalked me until I confessed, knowing that I would never answer
forgetting that I was the one thrown over shoulder

now and then I reconsider my decisions recently
but I don't think I've been doing anything wrong

correct if I am mistaken, you left me, definitely
so why would I say yes to your proposal, to try again
Track Name: Take Me Down To Amherst
get me out
I don't really like it here
the air's too cold for too long
and it might seem insane
but the people kinda bug me
even when they do nothing
I can't be here anymore
don't like to complain

take me down to Amherst
Track Name: Tuesday Is Chaotic
deep in the eye
days laid to waste
soul crushing sun
call it undone
fire bursts in two
hours left to sue
for the engines run
call it undone

where will you go from here?
calling all the sunken ships
to whisper in your ear
tantalize and break
your mistake

hurry when there's time
television heights
leave the models in
they'll turn out the lights
heavy metal turn
sideways overheard
let the new flag burn
call it overdone

Tuesday is chaotic
Wednesday's awake and baked
Friday skipped the shower
Sunday's passed the lake
April's done and in
as May and June begin
August weeps for Summer
as Winter crawls back home
Track Name: Best Left Unsaid
glad you told me everything would be okay
maybe we will find ourselves on better terms some day
as for now, I don't mind it, could be better, could be worse
because we both know that this was the best way where no one got hurt

I won't tell you everything I did
that would be excessive
seeing you today
it feels okay
it just feels so right
after being so wrong
for so long

not a day goes by where I don't think about what could have been
but what's been said and what's been done is over, just have to give in
no need for change, for now it's fine, I don't need to waste my time
trying to fill the air with words, just to have you by my side

I hope it's better in the end
Track Name: Simply Glide
like you like relationships
well I don't mind the side
where you don't get involved
you just simply glide

over the crash and burn
never have to worry about the wrong turn

like you like to live so sane
no dangers or roadblocks, straight lines and no pain
don't you ever wish to simply glide
and be on my side for once in your life
can't you ever break through
and simply be you
can't you simply glide
and let me guide


you along
Track Name: Have Fun Roaming
where are you going, precious mind?
leaving this daft little Earth behind?
go ahead, no one can tell you to stop
in the game of life, you're always merely a prop
but without a guide, but without a trail
your journey will almost certainly fail
go ahead, don't give up now
but no surprises, you will bring yourself down

the roads have long since disappeared, you have quite a spirit
if something comes between you and the goal, you won't hear it
but isn't it nice to know you'll never win?
at some point, you're going to have to give in
inert and unstable, only hoping for death
breathing one cold icy breath
chills jogging down your spine, to tell you you're wrong
this spirit of yours won't make you strong
Track Name: Heart Of Shit
I found forgiveness in your eyes
honestly, I was surprised
haven't given too much thought about you
always on the side
very well to hide
and forever wait to strike
it's something that I like

bless your heart of gold
clean my heart of shit
something in your golden hair
that crumbles in my wit
always on the side
I don't want to hide
safe at very far away
spit it out, what do they say?
Track Name: No Respect
no respect to you...
Track Name: Hateful Soul
imbalanced hate
stunted by time
no progress made
to no fault of mine
it's not been easy
to accept you're cold
but I feel a whole lot better now
I've quite been sold

you've gone away
so stay away
inside your hole
hateful soul
should I be free
shallow freak
shit, I'm free
hooray for me
can't close my eyes
she's on my side
can't decide
she's on my mind

hateful soul
it's in my eyes

gain no control
buried deep in hate
find no way out
beg to concentrate
never see you
no one else has
eternal grudge
is getting sad

with all respect to my side

hateful soul
I'm not surprised