Waiting For The Gods (16 tracks)

by Bloomshock

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My tenth album (yay!)

Anyway, this is the end of an era for Bloomshock. The amp that I've been using since the beginning finally got too jerky for me, so I exchanged it for a different one.
There is a noticeable difference in the sound of the guitar, but I don't think it's detrimental. You will be hearing that sound in October.

So yes, the 11th album is coming along pretty well. It will be out some time in October.

The album's name is NOT ENOUGH. After almost a year of telling myself that I would do an experimental album, I finally made one. Imagine GATE OF SIGNS + HEADACHES V.


released September 23, 2014

Vocals, guitars, bass, drums, keyboards, drum loops



all rights reserved


Bloomshock Mount Laurel, New Jersey

this is my old home
hello whirled is my new home

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Track Name: Credit Where It's Due
soul sweet soil
from the ground up
begin to dream
begin to believe in magic
soul sweet savory
from the gums out
begin to enjoy
begin to believe at all

creation alive, they deserve
credit for their contributions
to make the world more livable
and the problems unforgivable
it's due

enter May
a lot on her mind today
sketching blueprints for her next revolution
lush, I guess
blush, I do
hush, I move away
from the being in genius mode

creation alive, they deserve
credit for their contributions
to energize the spirit in
us, and those without then
Track Name: Entheogen
at the foot of the bed you slept in
the empty tissue box you wept in
last night someone must have crept in
standing over the video wall
too stoic to take the telephone call
ready or not for the bathroom stall

take no chances, force no change
ethnogenesis alive
take no chances, don't contain
slap them on a 45

the empty bottle's leaking
you're wide awake, so it's you speaking
are your drama levels peaking?
found a dead boy in your car
puked ink where the wild things are
I knew you would go, but just how far

take no chances, just dig in
let your soul redo the take
make no changes, feel the rush
against your real skin, not fake
(enter distortion)
when all the world just seems like dead to you
never stop and think about what you did
ethnogenesis alive
well, never better, not well said
Track Name: The National Guard Is Angry Today
I don't preach the way I live
as gospel
so why should you?

your asshole's pretty jealous of your mouth
with all the shit that comes out

there I said it
chasers like you need not apply
Track Name: The Innocent Department
we celebrate a new beginning
a grand opening of sorts
brand new design for paper
and quarterly reports
this is business now
accesible, yet sure
to paint over the mistakes
from before

as the stock yet rises
the innocent surprises
have yet to realize this
employees new and old
going for the gold
a typeface black and bold
on our name

we celebrate a start of an era
of commerce
where money is a happy byproduct
but satisfaction comes first
we'll settle for silver
if our customers don't mind
we're having a highway paved
for the employee morning grind

new age enterprises
the innocent surprises
unable to normalize
this growth
competiton, none
in a world of 0 and 1
it's anybody's gun

the innocent surprises
as the stock yet rises
the innocent surprises us
Track Name: Remain
your position requires no further landing
on a plain where trust is so demanding
calibrate the steps you walk to branding
take it or break it
remain still
eroding down the mountain on the hill
remain the sanest idea I've ever had
makes me a little bit glad
like I used to

all eyes considered
you remember your first time
was not the right time
for you to begin a venture
Track Name: Third
money's short and space is tight
supplies are limited
and I'm awake all day and all night
I make rent thieving off the crooks
surprised they never take a look
or I'd have been dead for years

a mirror held up to my greatest fears

and they all come to life
shadows and miracles equal
you spend a third of life sleeping
unhappily, in peace, or never

where it hurts
you get it

I make a living doing nothing all day
even I want to die after that excuse
I make no loving to anyone
they don't deserve a destitute

I get the evil eye from prostitutes

and they attack
horror and sunshine equal
you spend a third of life sleeping
together or alone

where it hurts
it's worth it

the skeletons in my closet are still alive

and they leave the room
murder and manslaughter equal
you spend a third of life hiding
this is why

does it hurt?
you deserve it
Track Name: Seasonal Cycle Girl
I'd be lying if I said you didn't
and you were simply misunderstood
but we all know the truth now
and you can't try anymore
make yourself look good
nothing will change
my opinions of you remain the same
as they did the last time
back-stabbing 2x4
on wheels

you lied to your friends
and cried to your family
what nice response
could you really expect from me?
bullshit your friends
bullshit your family
I'm not listening
to what you need to tell me
you've ostracized yourself
and not for no reason
a different tactic every season
well now you're on your own
have fun being alone

you'd be lying if you started up again
trying to defend yourself
fool me once, I'm unamused
what makes you believe I'd fall for two?
well you know I would, but I'm not taking chances
with the middle-aged mom at the high school dances
still believes in fairy tale romances
and I won't give in to your impure advances

you're just a cycle girl
Track Name: Feint The Accused
feint the accused
got no freedom to lose
you know nothing of it

fight as we try
try as we might
might as we fight
fight as we fly

feint the accused, what should I do
quick to the blow, or spark in the eye
run out of reason, burnt out on time
Track Name: Empty Resolution
where clouds collide and coat the Venn
red and yellow, paint the sky

where trains sprout wings to fix the sky
be this our last goodbye

torchlight experts lead the way for us
to explore new sciences
to exploit new practices
to embrace the scam of press

money's not a remedy
throwing it at something dead doesn't bring it back

to embrace the scam of press
lie behind a green curtain
mastermind at 1AM
dead at 3
Track Name: Color Bleed
straight, fresh, and dry
hung up on a rack
like a towel on a nude beach
locked outside the back
no one notices you
and you beg for care
but you won't be trusted
in the clothes you wear

you just watch the colors bleed
is there anything you need?
another warning you take heed
run moon and plant another seed

straight, fresh, and dry
watching your eyes dart
hoping to upset
the apple cart
like a stone
another word for
the shaming cone

you just watch the colors pale
like the indian in the nail
oscillating on the guard rail
hanging by to see the ship sail
Track Name: Your Biggest Day
it's the way I know
that you don't have my back
that you let go a long time ago
and I'm ready to do the same
it's the way I know
you're not ready
never were before
but you might want to be now

it's your biggest day
get ready, May

in the way I know
I also know you're giving up
locked inside your head with your computer
I hope you understand what I'm saying
Track Name: Tales Of Technicians
wild winter storm sets in
tales of technical failure
wonders where the base went
shipped, paid for, off to the railyard

wide as the camera pans
submissive to the sky demands
selfless, but fleeing from the chase
painless, but killer to the face

knowing that they're safe
knowing that they're fine
knowing they're asleep
Track Name: Waiting For The Gods
I've been trapped in my thoughts
stapled to the clipboard that holds them
punching the air to escape
hopeless, obviously
where I can look, it's sadness
where I can't, it's happiness
360 to me, it's hopeless
defying all I believe

will there be a limp arm reaching
down to rescue me
I doubt the possibility
but I guess it could be
an idea for those above
in count

waiting for the gods to save me, pull me out
from the wooden board
they stapled me to
waiting for the gods to suddenly exist
blink and you'll miss it

May's been standing out in a cloudburst
everyone else's day's been cool, but she's had the worst
ran into an old friend while running late
destination: somewhere else
TL; DR life is bad
stories were shared, times were had
by all involved
doesn't mean shit to May, though

she can't wait to get home
home sweet
and lock the entrance
do so to avoid contact
it's worth considering
because she misses no one
when she's alone
no one in particular, at least

she's waiting for the gods, to save her from
this dreary solitude
it was okay for a little bit
now she's sick of it
drugs aid migraines, drinks bring chest pains
waiting for the gods to make it all away

slow day for May
waiting for the gods
slow day for me
waiting for the gods

slow day for all
oh what a ball
haven't we all

waiting for the gods to join our hands
oh, what a way to reunite!
waiting for the gods to heal our skin
to leave us be forever onward

bye bye