Not Enough (18 tracks)

by Bloomshock

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Not all of the lyrics are in. They will be at some point.


released October 23, 2014



all rights reserved


Bloomshock Mount Laurel, New Jersey

this is my old home
hello whirled is my new home

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Track Name: Amber Hill
sleeping quietly, sleeping still
at the top of Amber Hill
feel no ground, feel no sky
I'm so happy I could almost fly

but I won't grow wings and disappear
because you know I need you here
a balance for my bursts of rage
unwilling to type another page
Track Name: Peach Color Contact
the pyramids, they block my eyesight
the power grids don't get it right
I thought I'd seen this light before
lights spelled out in semaphore
drag down symbol: genius flag
don't ask Ivy, she's a slag
ride the solar vortex, whore
like the fucking dinosaur you are

under a blank sky with tiny gray squares
no use complaining when nobody cares
can't find terror anywhere
I wonder if she's even there
when she's zoning out, I can't tell
if she's in heaven, or she's in hell
I tried to get close, but she almost bit
will she ever give up this "friendship" BULLSHIIIIIT!
Track Name: Disguise
it's a normal day, of sundown and sunrise
so it shouldn't be much of a surprise
that all of your friends look like guys
from behind
if that's the road you're taken, I wish you well
driving down the driveway of right-wing hell
but Jackson wouldn't be there if you would tell
this to him
Track Name: It's Not Cliche (If It's Not Wrong)
I'm really that dumb
to leave you on my mind
for all this time
with nothing better to do

well, you left such an impact
I couldn't forget
I'd never felt delivered
that strange effect

I still say sorry, I won't give up
it's not cliché if it's not wrong
I won't quit sorry, don't know why not
to subside
Track Name: Friend
will I ever know someone
quite like you
someone who knew
what exactly to do
erratically quirky
erotically sane
something pulled me into you
that made my day

yet I still can't help
but relive the moment
that you denounced me
and I hoped you'd reconsider
give a second thought
wait another day
realize your mistake
and call it a play

I lost sleep waiting
for you to forgive
in hopes and dreams, I wished
that you would let me live
sardonically crazy
narcotically bored
was this the verdict
I'd been waiting for?

was never my strong point
I screw it up
can never live it down
I just want
to be with my old friend
but you'll never let this
happen again

I'm the bitch
in this army of skulls
a friend so happy
a friend so full
and you were the quiet one
who never spoke
until I uncapped you
and the bottle broke
Track Name: Flying V
I'm bored
I just want to be ignored
a feeling I have never felt before

I'm bored
I just want to be ignored

do you know it?

no I do not
Track Name: I'm Looking Back
winking down the ivory clown
it's looking back at me
the horror it brings
the memories, it stings
can't shake it off, can't hold it down
no gold
no silver medals, still in paralysis
crisis, a mental expiration

my bed's a think tank, safe for me
to think in dreary fantasy
and imagine every story told
from what went wrong to what's to come
fair lady pushes off the stage
explosions in a ferrous rage
the junk blondes ruin all the fun
desuiting majors, one by one

still I worry, to stop I try
but I obsess, so still I cry
and wash away my joy
forever through the void
the black heart inside me waits to burst
an imminent explosion, imploding first
where true affection hides behind the wooden ropes
next to the stares and the absent gropes
Track Name: Do You Know Your Limits?
did I never make it clear?
I don't want to be here
in the same room as you
but there's nothing I would rather do

than be here
shivering in the gas chambers of fear
would rather be here

do you know your limits?

how many minutes?
Track Name: Gorgeous Mind
in a symphony of bedroom noise
I apologize endlessly

I may as well let you know
five months have come and gone
and I still can't stop thinking about you

you must have done something right
to the wretched creature in my skull
your appearance in my head has given me a

gorgeous mind
beautiful mind
I don't mind
if I've been unkind
I can't leave
my ugly past behind
because I'll always hold it tight
in my gorgeous mind

I'm partially done doting
you're not an angel anymore
and I'm kinda glad I didn't try to make things like before

but the gate of signs has burned to the ground
I need to make a better sound
meta much? I'm just saying
that it's a painful statement I've spent far too long delaying

I'm a skeleton to your professor
exhibit A in a dusty closet
I can't be bothered to say a word
even if I know I'll be heard

bullshit, we know that's a lie
knowing you would rather lie
then look at me again
unforgiving thoughtful friend

of mine
you have graced me with
your image
and in turn

a gorgeous mind
beautiful mind
never mind
if I used to be unkind
I didn't try
to make you cry
I regret a lot
but not everything

sail over the cast iron planet
I was alone and loving it
but I spent quite a bit of time, waiting for the gods
it's not enough for me
on the outside, I was fine
on the inside, black tar mind
you have blessed me with

holding back, left behind
stalling in a gorgeous mind

of Polish descent
in tears she went
now is not the right time to ask her

April 12, I felt funny inside
the morning was confident, but a bit jagged
the afternoon, I left, my conscience died
I think we all did