Cast Iron Planet (10 tracks)

by Bloomshock

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    while going through and making all these "extended versions" of albums i fucked up and lost a track i'd wanted to keep for this one. oh well. such is life. this album blows so you shouldn't be on this page anyway.

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released July 23, 2014

Vocals, guitars, bass, drums, drum machine, field recording



all rights reserved


Bloomshock Mount Laurel, New Jersey

this is my old home
hello whirled is my new home

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Track Name: Gardening Dog
facing a broken wall
built by the gardeners
who built it to jump it
and join the land of freedom
true it doesn't pay
true it doesn't go without say
go out of your way
to leave

don't treat me like I'm your little pet
I don't treat you like a fucking dog
so don't talk cute, I know there's something cold inside
raw and steaming, fresh from the gas chambers
that melted my heart the first time

ripping against the wall
built by the gardeners
long improved by fading captains
and tattered lillies
but those days are gone
they smashed the fly way back when
you were just sixteen
but just the same amount of prisssstine

put out your cigarette and go
I'm tired of flaming fur
Track Name: Fairy Tern Apologies
I still believe that it was me
the other people were innocent
please understand that I regret
a lot and now I'd like to try

and talk to you
or at least try
without a growl
or defeated sigh
we're not an item
not you nor I
but neither of us
are getting by

but maybe I lied, you do seem fine
been playing out too many fantasies
a troubled past I thought I had
at least I was happy, I wish I had that

I gave it lots of time, I swear
but you don't seem to recognize
that I'm not trying to love you
in fact, I'm wanting less to hide

I'm happy in your presence
but it's not because of you
sure, I wouldn't mind a chat
but there are better things to do

hey look, I'm getting over you
to an extent, I think it's fine
to break no sweat when saying things
no need for timing every line

except we are
Track Name: Identity: Roanna Pollard
she lives a normal life
when she's not the queen of the underworld (Roanna)
shy and quiet, doing a good job
at blending right in

she smiles to hide the fact
that she'd rather let you slowly burn
than have to live with you
"you" as an example
but I think she likes me
I guess she doesn't mind clean
I hope I don't die today
because I'm not ready to go yet

the Raven and the Reaper
she likes to dig her holes a little deeper
know her identity
she seems okay with that, at least for me

I guess she used to be a bitch
stone-hearted evil burning witch (Roanna)
now she resigns to shadows
but it appears that she's come to like the sun (Pollard)
Track Name: Seibaci
opera kicks
indian rope tricks
glue that sticks
American sick

shallow engage
fight for the Cage
one true god in rage
burning every page

pleased to meet you
what's your name?
a name that sticks like silver tape
burned forever in my brain
are you pleased to meet me?
what's my name?
a soulless description of a body
golden pools of silver rain

scarf of steel
metal feel
feeling real
self-indulgent zeal

committee fight
inhuman right
off a blacklight
electrocute the night

cheap intoxicate
please elucidate
you hallucinate
I disintegrate

take me away
from my little hole
you know your role
bribe the barmaid
cheers to cheap intoxication

show and tell
ringing bell
little books to sell
family trip to Hell

asshole tears
burning fears
fly-by years
pull over in top gears
Track Name: Stereo Confusion Tricks
starlights in stereo confusion
at the festival of sediment erosion
I last for about another hour
until it all melts down

I love personal arrangement
when it gives off a strange effect
not when it goes out of its way
to carpe diem, seize the day
Captain, My Captain; O Holy Soul
lost in the magic we were told
who goes there, British and the French alike
pales in comparison the fading sign

turn to dust, I fear the same
right-turning bailout baron gone insane
I like my ways, non-PC
no reason to feel bad about being
right all the time, wrong or right
keeping the shades down through the night
it's helping me sleep, sleeping right
if only I thought about this before I died
Track Name: Breeding My Hivemind
knowing that I killed my chances
circlejerking the lost cause
what am I doing with my life?

sure, I trusted the wrong people
made fun of by my friends
beat myself over a matter I couldn't fix
obsessive with no apologizing
you knew of

breeding, breathing

you don't need me
I don't need you
I don't need to live with you
Track Name: It's Always The Mythic Whites
I shot the soul
I shot the sun
I shot the gun
I shot the hole

unnerving presents
given from the gods
of fairy tales from Europeans
damaged and recoiled

you knew how I was feeling
you knew I wasn't fine
what you did was right

in your mind, I'm dead
working with a ghost
making little from most
better dead instead

what you did and what I said
the right reaction to a darker blood
what did you think of me then?
the right opinion of a lower kind

in my mind, I'm quite the liar
modeling clay with the balls to expose
I fucked up, and so it goes
like I'm the hero now
Track Name: Love Bends At Last Planet
golden sun
lines driven on the lonely one
beaches dry
baby cries of bloodthirst
loving couple
what a bunch of rags
silver bullets
stabbing through the stags

vampire sunrise
right behind my eyes
cold as it is hot
as much as it is not
white skin melting
green ice cracking
veins a-popping
you game it right
in the foreground
by the four hounds
bank the lottery joy
with your jerk toy
splitting seas with love
no gods up above
pass the arc jove
it's time we got home